covid-19 helpful information



Have questions about Covid-19 protocols at Trailwood Elementary and in SMSD? You may find the answers here! The point of contact at Trailwood for Covid-19 is Nurse Catie.  She may be reached at 913-993-5602.



mitigation plans for spring Semester 2021-2022

Looking for more information on mitigation plans for SMSD in the spring semester? Check out the information below.


Keeping schools open and safe continues to be a top priority in the SMSD in the 2021-2022 school year.  The details of the approved plan for spring semester are included below.






The safety of Trailwood students and staff continues to be a top priority. The following links may help you to answer questions related to the Covid-19 pandemic in our community. 


SMSD Covid-19 Information Central

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention