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SUBJECT: May 2022 PTA Newsletter

May 6, 2022

Hello Thunderbirds!

Welcome to the whirlwind party that is the month of May! We're squeezing in all of the things these last days of school. Our last general meeting will be in the school cafeteria, Tuesday May 10th at 8:15am, where we will officially swear in the incoming exec board members and honor the Lifetime Achievement 6th grade parents as well as the Mr. Mort Award honoree. An appreciation brunch will follow the meeting. Please see the flyer for details

We hope you are planning to attend the Under the Sea Carnival next Friday, May 13th, 5-7pm. No purchase necessary to attend!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your PTA President these past two years. It has truly been an honor to work alongside such an amazing community of parents, students, and educators. The grace and support shown during this time has been invaluable and I am grateful.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe summer!

All the best, 

Tracy Hugunin

PTA President


Important Dates:


5/10 Final PTA meeting 8:15am Trailwood Cafeteria

5/10 Field Day K-2

5/12 Brenda Chesterton Retirement Party 3:30-4:30pm Trailwood Library

5/13 Under the Sea Carnival 5-7pm

5/17 Field Day 3rd-5th

5/18 Talent Show

5/19 Last day of school! 12:30pm dismissal

Golf Tournament Postponed

While we were unable to host our annual golf tournament this spring, we are hoping to reschedule for this fall and will provide you updated information as soon as we have a date secured. We hope to have a great turn-out for the event once rescheduled!

Sign up to help at one of the many fun booths here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0944aeae28aafe3-under

Help make the cake walk a smash! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0944aeae28aafe3-carnival

PTA Forms

If you are needing a reimbursement for funds spent on behalf of your committee, please submit that form to Kyle Krueger by Friday, May 13th.


The Kona Ice Truck is coming Monday, May 16 from 11:00am-2:30pm. The Kona Ice truck is coming in lieu of the in-class end of year parties and will be paid for by the unused room parent class party fund. Each teacher has signed up their class to come down that afternoon for their treat! We hope the kids have a great time! And thank you to the room parents for all of their hardwork and flexibility this year. You truly make a difference in the lives of the students!

As Educator Appreciation Week began, the SMSD held a reception to formally honor this year’s building-level Teacher of the Year award winners. Each school in the district had the opportunity to nominate an educator as its Teacher of the Year. Each of these nominees were honored at this event.

Congratulations to Mrs. Seamon, Kindergarten teacher, on being an SMSD Teacher of the Year Honoree from Trailwood! 


Update Your Directory Information For The Summer

Did you know that you have access to the directory all summer long? The directory is such a great way to connect with other families and schedule those fun, summer play dates! However, if you have not published your information in the directory, you might miss out! To ensure your information is current and visible in the directory, just click on the link below for super simple step-by-step instructions. 


  • Leigh McCabe for a fun Popsicle Pop-In!
  • Megan Allen and Sarah Hill for the Kindergarten Coffee!
  • Holly Davidson, Jen Pontier and crew for making the K and 6th grade flower exchange tradition happen!
  • Karen Badgett, Kara Cowie and Wingmen for Pastries with Parents!
  • Lori Tritsch for two amazingingly fun and successful book fairs!
  • Cher Brownback for getting our kids moving with Walk and Bike to School Days, as well as organizing Room Parents!
  • Room Parents for making parties fun for Trailwood students and showering our teachers with appreciation!
  • Cara Peterson and Jen Pontier for yummy Fall and Spring staff luncheons!
  • Stephanie Kreamer, Micah Botsford, and Jamie Reasons for Staff Appreciation!
  • Sonal Bhakta and Lindsay Weiss for Science Night!
  • Victoria Savich, Heidi Saunders, Lauren Wilson, Cara Peterson, Karen Badgett, Jen Pontier, Vanessa Herring, Sarah Hill, Katie Culbertson, Jessica Horner, Sonal Bhakta, Catie Ebert, Danny Boresow for another amazing auction!
  • Andrea Krasnow and Lindsay Guillen for the Winter Gift Card Exchange for staff!
  • Letisha Elston for your hard work putting together our first carnival in two years!
  • Micah Bostford for all of your work coordinating Mini Grants for our staff!
  • Stephanie Kreamer for coordinating Field Days!
  • Liz Thiel for coordinating SMAC's Citizenship Contest!
  • Amber Hipp for making sure Flight Time is back!
  • Kellie Harvey for another successful Flower Sale!
  • Cara Peterson for organizing another Golf Tournament even though we have to postpone it!
  • Emily Meissen-Sebelius for keeping us well informed and up to date on all things concerning legislature!
  • Kelli Harrison for coordinating Library Volunteers for Mrs. Fritz!
  • Jamie Reasons for putting together our monthly newsletters!
  • Karen Badgett for helping our community serve through T-Birds Serve events!
  • Crystal Friend and crew for coordinating 6th grade activities!
  • Vivian Hamilton, Patty Ross, Mark Botsford, Michael St. George, Liz DiSalvo, Jeff Hamilton for fun and creative Spirit Wear!
  • Dave and Faith Brown for another rocking Talent Show!
  • Vivian Hamilton, Lo Hathaway, Brittany Nguyen, Heidi Erenberg for coordinating what is sure to be an epic yearbook!
  • Mr. Lawrence for being the ever so enthusiastic leader!
  • Shereen for making everything in the Trailwood world run so smoothly!
2022-2023 Exec Board

President - Cara Peterson

President Elect - Jamie Reasons

Treasurer - Sarah Shern

Treasurer Elect - Brian Bowen

Ways and Means - Lindsay Weiss

Correspondence Secretary - Cher Brownback

Membership - Lori Tritsch

Recording Secretary - Paula Wheeler

Parliamentarian - Tracy Hugunin

May Legislative Update and Recap

The legislature failed to pass a K-12 education budget during the regular session, so finalization of the budget occurred during the veto session. Here's a recap of education policy from April's veto session: 

- K-12 Funding, Special Ed and Open Enrollment -Passed, pending Governor's signature

  • Passed a school funding bill that provides money for K-12 schools according to the formula approved by the Kansas Supreme Court (often referred to as Gannon).  
  • Included some new funding for mental health, school safety and a supplemental online math program, among other things
  • Did not include the $30 million additional funding for special education recommended  by the governor (state shortfall to special education is $155 million)
  • Included an open enrollment policy that requires school districts with space to allow out-of-district students to enroll
  • If the budget bill is signed into law as is, the open enrollment policy would go into effect for the 2024-2025 school year.

Most SMSD legislators (16) voted NO on the budget,  citing lack of additional special education funding and concerns about the open enrollment policy, which did not receive a hearing and was added on to the budget bill.  Three SM area legislators voted YES; one was Sen. Kellie Warren who represents youif you live south of 99th street, generally. Click https://ksleglookup.org/ to find your reps).   

We don't know if the Governor will sign the education budget. If she vetoes it, the legislature will have to continue working these issues (or override the veto) during the May 23rd wrap up session. Stay Tuned by following TW PTA or SMAC PTA facebook pages for any action alerts. 

-"Parent Bill of Rights" and Ban on Female Transgender Sports Participation -Vetos Sustained, Did not become law

  • The version of the so-called Parent Bill of Rights that passed had removed some of the more concerning and daunting requirements related to an online parent portal and library material review.  
  • Both bills were vetoed by Governor Kelly. While the Senate had enough votes to override the governor's veto, the House did not and so the vetoes were sustained and neither bill became law. 
  • These issues are likely to come up again next year, and potentially referenced during the November elections. 

To see where all education related bills landed during the regular session, you can read KASB's summary and see SMAC PTA facebook for more detail.

Be on the lookout for the link to order your ship-to-home school supplies kit coming soon!

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