committee Chair Questions and Answers


Here are the answers to the questions Committee Chairpersons most often have.


How do I propose a Committee Plan of Action?


Simply fill out this Committee Plan of Action Form and return it to PTA President, Jamie Reasons.


Can a committee representative speak at a PTA meeting?

Yes! If you would like to speak at a meeting, please let the PTA president know at least two days prior to the meeting so that you can be added to the agenda. Please be prepared with a brief report.


Can committees send home fliers or emails? 

Yes! Remember, Mr. Lawrence must approve all fliers and emails BEFORE they are sent home! It is a good idea to give a few extra fliers to Shereen North in the front office. Try to save paper and email information when you can. Please send the email first to Shereen North, who will then send a mass email to the school.


Can Committee members use the teachers' workroom?

If you need to make copies please use the PTA code. You can get the code from Jamie Reasons or Shereen North. Write down the number of copies on the clipboard above the copier. You may use the paper in the workroom. PTA has the privilege to use the paper cutters, the die cut machine and the laminator. If you need help please ask one of the aides in the workroom. Staff always takes first priority on the machines. If you need to make large numbers of copies, try to use the Indian Creek Copy Center (994-8700). Make an appointment and bring your own paper.


Can a committee chair sign a contract?

NO! If your committee needs to enter into a contract with a third party it must be reviewed by the PTA president. The president is the ONLY person who may sign contracts!


Are there designated storage areas in the school for PTA?

Yes! Large, bulky items as well as paper goods, decorations and other supplies can be found upstairs in the PTA closet. You will need to ask Shereen North for the key as the closet remains locked. This is a space any and all committees utilize throughout the year. Please keep it neat!


I still have questions. Where do I find the answer?

You may always contact Jamie Reasons, PTA President. She will try to find the answer to your questions or refer you to the appropriate person.