why get involved in the trailwood pta?




The Trailwood PTA is a VITAL part of our wonderful Trailwood community! 


The number one reason to be involved in our PTA is to benefit your child, and by doing this, you will also benefit our school. There are so many advantages to participating in PTA! Here are just a few:


Get Connected:  There is no better way to know what is going on at Trailwood than to stay connected through our PTA website, newsletter and social media sites.


Discover Great Resources: We offer a variety of programs and activities designed for both students and parents.  Some examples include Family Science Night, Cultural Arts assemblies, Ice Cream Social, Spring Carnival, Variety Show, and clubs such as Mathletics and Chat-n- Chew.  All field trips are also paid for by the PTA! In addition, we host numerous staff appreciation events and support our teachers through stipends and mini-grants. 


Have a Voice! Speak Up: Our PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas. You are encouraged to suggest and support change that can effectively improve Trailwood.


Witness Improvements: If you get involved with PTA, you will be part of the solution and can help make positive changes. Your advocacy can support building improvements and play an important role in fundraising for curriculum based programs and social events.


Be a Role Model: If you participate in PTA, you will be demonstrating to your child the importance that you place on education.


Build our Trailwood Community: Meeting other Trailwood families will help create a circle of friends at your child’s school. These friendships strengthen our Trailwood community.