PTA treasury FORms and Financials


The following forms will assist you in your volunteer work with the PTA. If you have questions about any treasury matter, please contact Brian Bowen.



Reimbursement Form


If you need to be reimbursed by PTA for something, you must fill out the above PTA Reimbursement Form and attach receipts. The form and receipts should be left in the PTA Treasurer’s Folder in the PTA File in the teachers' workroom. Requests for reimbursement will be reviewed and reimbursements will be made every week, so we will do our best to get checks back to everyone as soon as possible. Reimbursement Forms can be found in the PTA file cabinet Treasury Folder in the workroom. Or, click on the link above to print your own.

Request for Funding


If your committee requires funding that is not already approved in the budget fill out the Request For Funding Form above and return it to Brian Bowen or Jamie Reasons by leaving it in the PTA File Cabinet Treasury or President Folder or their mailboxes in the office. 

Money Verification Form


If you are turning in funds to be deposited to the PTA bank account, please submit the Money Verification Form above along with the cash/checks. The form should be signed by two people who counted the money together.

Cash Box Form


If you are coordinating an event for which you will need to make change, please fill out the above form and submit to the treasurer one week before the event.